Vision Therapy

Vision is much more than seeing 20/20 on a chart that is across the room. For many students, the struggle occurs when they try to do near point tasks especially in stressful situations.

Remember your hours of math homework that you just didn’t get? Now, think about trying to get it done when the numbers are double or floating around the page. Would you sit down and pay attention or would you avoid that task?

Developmental Testing

At Springfield Family Vision we try to get to the root to the problem. If your child is having difficulties during near point tasks it could be caused from a host of issues.  The eye is only one part of the visual system. We need to check not only refractive error,  but also the eye’s focusing system, eye muscle teaming, and visual processing.

Near point glasses 

Although your child may not have nearsightedness or farsightedness, sometimes eyeglasses for kids are needed. These glasses may make it easier to focus at near and may help change the way the eyes perceive the task.

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy sessions may be a tremendous help to your child. These sessions will help to teach your child how to use their eyes and brain correctly and to understand what they see. Like many skills, visual skills are developed and can be improved through proper therapeutic techniques. Repetition of these techniques can enhance vision by coordinating and improving eye tracking, focusing ability and by straightening the alignment of their eyes.

What can we expect?

Dr Katie, a developmental optometrist, is happy to sit down with your family and discuss the treatment options that are available for your child. It is an individualized plan so it varies from child to child. Most plans are around 4 months long when meeting for an hour session per week. Home activities will be done on non-clinic days to speed up your child’s results. Your treatment sessions may be able to be billed through your medical insurance plans. Ask us how!

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